Dr A writes:

After 11 years in the UK, nearly loosing my mother tongue and missing continental european culture more and more, I came back to my roots to the shores of the baltic sea.


During my training in hospital, where I worked for altogether 11 years, I became familiar with surgical, orthopedic, gyneacological, internal and psychiatric procedures, which now form the basis of my medical decision making.


After ending vocational training in Scotland in 2000, I worked as a General Practitioner another 6 years in the Highlands and Islands (eg Outer Hebrides and  Edinburgh) and aquired a solid knowledge medical and psychological. More than one third of my patients during that time were children and teens, another fifth were pregnant women. By far the biggest group of patients contained the elderly.  

Having understood that what happens in the USA happens in the UK 5 years later and on the continent it takes another semi-decade to come true, the wave of obesity is now approaching. And with this tsunami of weight gain comes western civilisatory illness, like diabetes, depression and hypertension.


In my view a hollistic longterm integrated concept is required to conquer this enormous personal as well as sociatal problem. Therefore I offer to work hand in hand with the affected person, to reduce weight according to the guidelines of german dietary society (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Ernährungsmedizin).


Preventative medicine and advise accordingly is what we want to perform. For this goal I offer special consulting times, which you can be booked on by phone our on the net.


Of course all aspects of general practice are well covered in our modern surroundings, located centrally in Flensburgh.